Snopake | Swordfish Shoot & Brochure


Having worked with Snopake for a while on their packaging they entrusted us with their main product brochure for the Swordfish range of products.

They wanted fresh, new photography for specific products from the range and one of our responsibilities was to manage this process.  Initially we began creating storyboards for the creative, positioning and layout for each shot.  Each shot was to be very clean and minimal with heavy depth of field to focus the viewers eyes onto the products. 

We found an ideal location for the shoot, which was actually an architects offices. We researched and booked suitable models and purchased suitable 'brand=friendly' clothing for them to wear on the day.

They were shot medium format to ensure we could scan them at any resolution as they may have been needed for large format work in the future.

Each image was scanned ultra-high resolution and presented to the client for their perusal.  Shortlisted images were then retouched, recoloured, cleaned and modified to remove elements that were not required or revised according to the storyboard.

Each image was then placed within the product brochure and layouts were adjusted accordingly.