Fohqudill | Logo, branding &  marketing

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Fohqudill (Pronounced 'Fo-Kwill') are a designer and manufacturer of the highest quality instruments from the finest procurable materials favourable to the attainment of perfection in both mechanical and musical feature.

We were commissioned to design and create their brand logo and overall style.

To kick things off we created their stationery including letterheads and business cards which were produced triple layer to 800gsm, a hefty and rememberable card...

We then went on to design and produce the product cards/brochures for their range of instruments.

As they regularly attend various exhibitions and events it meant they needed a range of roller banners and graphics boards that they could carry easily.  We designed and produced a range of roller banners and graphics boards/posters to be used adhoc for almost any event.

We think it came out ok, even we do blow our own trumpet!

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