Elecchicks | Business startup

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Seeing a gap in the market, two inspiring young ladies, previously Police Officers, decided to change career, retrain and start their own electrician business.  Being both females, what better name for the company than 'Elecchicks'!

We were tasked with creating the new brand logo and operating slogan.   This naturally rolled onto initiating the brand with typography, brand colour themes and image styles and further onto internal documents such as email signatures,  letterheads, business cards, compliments slips and other company stationery.

In addition we designed branded uniforms and work clothing. 

To launch the business a temporary website was created, quickly followed by V2 of the site to give a more substantial, professional and established perception as the business was growing and taking on more commercial contracts.

Stickers were created to be applied to consumer units as a sign on a completed job and also to act as reminders for next inspection due dates.

We setup the elements for their online accounting/invoicing software.

A rubber stamp was designed and created to allow them to stamp 'kisses' as a sign-off on electrical work carried out for customers.

With the business progressing nicely, they looked to expand the business further with the addition of a franchise avenue and we were asked to propose a strategy for moving this forward and marketing the new venture.  We also designed and produced a Franchise brochure for potential franchisees.

elecchicks stuff03.JPG